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1.) Atmosphere Package (starting at $395) - 1.5 hour includes 4+ pirates, Meet-and-Greet

2.) Birthday Party Package (starting at $395) - 2 hours includes 2 pirates, Pirate Games (Walk the Plank, Cannon Ball Water Balloon Toss) & Activities Including Pirate Makeovers & Treasure Hunt, Pirate Stories, and FUN!
(All Pirate Make-Over, Booty, and Game Prizes are included in Price)

3.) Performance Package (starting at $750) - 2 hours includes 6+ pirates, Meet-and-Greet, 1 Major Show, 1 Minor Show
Each additional Major Show or Black Powder Weapons Demonstration ($50)
Each additional Minor Show ($40)
(See Major/Minor Shows below)

4.) Full Day Package (Starting at $1200) - 6 hours includes 6+ pirates, Meet-and-Greet, 3 Major Shows, 2 Minor Shows, and Black Powder Weapons (Cannons, Muskets, Flintlocks) Demonstration

5.) School Packages (*fulfill core-curriculum standards)
a.) Assembly Package (starting at $450) - One hour, includes 4 pirates, Meet-and-Greet, and  One Major Show
b.) Workshop Package (starting at $675) - 2 hours includes 6 Pirates 4 Workshops (e.g. Life Aboard Ship, Pirate Flags: Use & Meaning, Female Pirates, Pirate Weapons: Safety & Use)

Pirate Fun and Fantasy for the Young and Young-at Heart!

We can customize our appearance to your audience's taste... Whether it be your li'l pirates birthday or a large annual event, our buccaneers are sure to impress!

Colorful Fight Shows with Audience Participation and plenty of Swordplay, Swagger, and Pirate Banter! 

And for the li'l pollywogs.. pirate storytelling, sing-a-longs, pirate make-overs, and other pyratical activites abound.
MAJOR SHOWS (half hour): Mutiny, Pistol Duel, Captains
Mast, Cannon Demo.
MINOR SHOWS (20 min): Bosun's Whip Show,
Leg Amputation Demo, Lucky Volunteer,
Musket/Flintlock Demo,
Sword Fighting 101, Pirate Story Time.
(Most shows have some Audience Participation)

References available upon request.

so, send us a message in a bottle
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just Email us!

Email Capt Black if ye dare....

* Events that require travel over 1 hr away may be subject to an  additional Fuel/Toll Fee... We travel in a 28' RV pulling a 12' trailer(Sorry, Blame the Greedy Corporations!)
*For Larger Public Festivals/Events, there will be a considerable
Discount given on Appearances if our Market Tent is Applicable

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