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Captain Charles W. Black

Born and bred on the Irish shores of the Celtic Sea as his father 'afore im, Charles became an accomplished sailor at a young age. 'Ee joined the English Merchant Marines at age 16 as a Jr Officer.

His exploits and heroics in battle resonated throughout England and when word of this young man reached the King Charles II, Lt. Black was promoted and granted commission of his own ship, the HMS Royal Oak. The Royal Oak enjoyed many victories and conquests while fighting the French, Spanish and Dutch in the New World

However, Captain and Crew were betrayed by the Country they loved... no doubt some kind of 'Political' plot.  After all, his Friend and Mentor King Charles II suddenly and mysteriously passed on... was the New King, James II  involved? Scuttlebut had it that James did his ill-fated brother in to gain control of the Thrown.

Captain Charles W. Black was good friends wit' the deceased, having served the throne loyally for many years.  And now, because of this friendship, had been  outlawed by the new King...  Unjustly Wanted for Treason and Acts of Piracy.   

   Captain Black embraced his new role as Pirate with the same courage he had taken his first command. As a man of Conscience and Honor, he gave leave to anyone who would not follow a pirate to disbar at the nearest port.   His new Home,Tortuga, was a 'Pirate Friendly' Island and there, he re-christenedhis ship the "Valhalla" Hence-forth becoming known as the "Scourge of the Carribean."

Revered and Feared from the Northern Colonies down to the West Indies, the Valhalla flies the RUDDY JACK ('er own ensign painted on a battered Kings Jack). However, she still occasionally flies the Blue or Red Ensign, flags revoked "er by the New English King. This li'l trick, does allow "her to get conveniently close to Merchant and other ships of choice. Once within the gunners' range, she will raise 'er own true colors!


A fierce fighter with renowned strength !

An expert in Cutlass, Dagger, and Black Powder Weapons! 

An Ominous presence!

 Patient, however formidable when provoked!

The Fortitude and wisdom of a King "imself 

Well loved and respected by is crew!

More than fair to any poor soul "is ship may seize!

So if you see this Pirate Captain,and his crew of scallywags out and about, 

tip your Hat, raise your Mug and Salute to a Pirate's Life

Huzzah !

Lt. Michael Morgan Black

   First Mate

Michael Morgan Black grew up on the Celtic Sea with his older brother Charles. Also an Ex-English Naval Officer.  Disbarred for an unfortunate incident with another English Officer who was stabbed in the throat for a few unkind remarks with the Ex-Naval Officer Black.. Michael Morgan signed onto the Valhalla, with some reluctance, as her Lt and second in command.

And although this man is a bit of a Rogue and a Scallywag, his loyalty lies with King and Country... Albeit, keeping a weather eye to his own advantage.

So obviously it did not sit well with 'im when his brother, the Captain, declared their Independence of Mother England.


 " A Political Statement ??   I think not...


Michael maintains his position as First Mate on the Valhalla, however questions his older brothers loyalties, and intentions...

Is Blood thicker than Sea water ? We shall see...

Mayhem Matthew

Master Gunner

Mayhem Matthew is an ex-gunner of the English Navy. After 15 glorious years of service, he left the Navy to pursue a career in prize fightin'

He eventually fell victim to the back street pubs and shanties of London, fightin' in bare knuckle challenges for food, rum and some spare change.

On occasion, he would sign on with a merchant ship as a gunner or gunner's mate. It was on one of these trips that he ran into Captain Black and the Valhalla.  His ship was seized and Matthew  was presented the option to either be set adrift  or sign on with the Valhalla. He adapted to the life of a pirate rather quickly, as it seemed to be much more lucrative a trade.

Matthews strong presence and keen knowledge of black powder weapons earned him the position of Master Gunner on the Valhalla.

Jean Marquis de l'Eglise

    Navigator/ Sailmaster

Le Marquis' is a charming rogue ( who refers to himself in the 3rd person) was raised with the sword and the manners of a gentleman. Commissioned in the French Navy, He spent 15 years in the high seas honing his skills in ship handling, rigging and navigation.

One day Jean was tasked to deliver a captured British ship to the nearest French port, but instead led the crew into the Caribbean in search of plunder. He took many ships before falling into a British trap.

Outnumbered, the crew managed to escape but not save the vessel. Taking to the longboats, L'Marquis made his way to Tortuga. There he met Captain Charles W.Black . Taking a liking to Jean (and his personal charts) Black convinced him to sign aboard the Valhalla. Jean's vices are Women, Rum and Wild sea stories. However, his dark side emerges in his talent for the "extraction of information". L'Marquis seeming over-confidence covers his true skills



Quarterdeck Gunner

Gitana was born the daughter of the Moroccan political leader Mohammad Temin. She never fit in with the other girls of royalty , practicing the art of court etiquette and preparing themselves to be suited as a wife of a prince.
Instead , Gitana would sneak off and learn the art of swordplay by the kings fierce soldiers the Black Guard and , she would be out and about belly dancing and carousing with the common folk. 

Gitana soon became tired of the upper class  and she booked passage on a heavily armed merchant ship to the Barbary Coast . The ship was soon captured and plundered by Ottoman pirates and Gitana was given the choice to either take away on the long boats into the sea or sign on. She signed onto the ships log as Gitana Barbarossa.
Gitana learned gunnery and seamanship while plundering many ships with the Ottoman pirates. As time went on, she would find herself on an island off the northwest coast of Hispaniola that was said to be the most wicked pirate haven of the Caribbean... Tortuga.
As time went on Gitana makes her living by dancing and carousing In local pubs where she meets captain Charles black of the Valhalla.
She is intrigued and wants to join the Valhalla crew . Capt.Charles W. Black turns her down flat. Only to find that when he gets underway , she stows aboard. At first Capt Black is furious but In time finds that Gitana has superb knowledge in current trade routes and then proves herself In battle.
When the Valhalla is In port Gitana uses her seductive belly dancing skills  to seduce merchants and learn what valuable cargo is coming In for the Valhalla to plunder.
Gitana reacts to any dangerous situation before she assesses it.
Her motto from her father "don't think-just do"
And this is how Gitana always starts some trouble. And why the captain keeps Gitana fairly close.
It's when he she goes off on her own all hell breaks loose !!!

Hernando "Cutthroat" CorteZ


     Boarding Leader

Hernando Cortez is a true descendant of the blood-thirsty Spanish conquistadors. He spent his career fighting the British Navy.  After 12 years of service to the Spanish crown, he was granted a letter of marque. Hernando intercepted English merchant ships and was considered to be merciless by his enemies.

Cortez became embroiled with the intrigues of the 

Spanish court and was stripped of his position. Abandoned by his home country, Hernando fled. He was soon captured and sentenced to hang from an English rope.

Fortune smiled upon Cortez, when he was discovered chained below decks during a Valhalla raid. He was given 2 choices: join Captain Black or be sent to Davy Jones locker. No ones fool, Cortez chose to sign articles and quickly became the Valhalla boarding leader, bringing a quick death to those who resist.

Hernando Cortez is courageous with a cutlass, deadly with a knife, and skilled in military strategy.

"Tink"  aka Tinker  Ship's Carpenter

Tink, as we named him (he never gave us a name), is a master at wood
working and whenever he's not Careening the hull or re-builder part of the ship,
he's tinkering with wood. Carving shapes and small toys. We're not even
sure how  he came about us as one morning after Christmas he just appeared on
the deck as  we woke.  Said his ship flew away (it must be very fast) and he
needed a  'vacation' down in the Carribean. Tink is invaluable as our ship's
carpenter and  his rapore' with young people is uncanny.  Although strange
how he seems to  disappear before every Christmas, without a trace (even if
we are at  sea).  And then miraculously re-appears a day or two after the
holiday  (again, even if we are at sea).  Something's afoot however, we
believe  we'll keep him!

LADY Darla O' Malley

Market Mistress

Keeper of the booty ~

Lady Darla is in charge of  our merchant market.  She is a real descendant of Grace O'Malley Er'Self !  A real pirate in her the captain saw.. no wonder he put her in charge of all trades and goods... 

be sure to stop by our market  tent and say hello ! . One never knows what treasure ye might find  !

James Hawkins

Quarterdeck  Gunners Mate

               James Hawkins grew up very fast aboard the Valhalla. keeping his eyes and ears open, he has been promoted to mate to gunner. He now works very closely and is  Gitana's sidekick.               


starting out early in life this wee lad assists in sword training with his papa , Jean Marquis .


Born into Spanish colonial aristocracy, Gabriel Martín was raised and educated as a gentleman in the audencia of Santiago de Chile. He studied religion and language at the Universidad de San Marcos, but eschewed the life of a clergyman afterward preferring to work in his family’s merchant trade. After three years serving aboard merchant vessels he was impressed into the Spanish Navy as an interpreter. Resentful of being forced to serve the Spanish crown for whom he had no love, Gabriel defected from the Navy and found a home aboard the Valhalla. A tea teatotaler and mindful of his religious convictions, he prefers to be addressed as San Gabriel or San Martín to remind him he is watched from above.

Gibbs hails from Ireland. His father abandoned the family when Gibbs was 5 years old. His mother remarried and Gibbs was raised by his step-father who was a sailor. When he came of age he decided to join the Royal Navy where he served as Quarter Master for over 20 years. When his ship was taken by Captain Black and his crew, he was offered the job as Quarter Master of the Valhalla, as the previous one had died in battle. Or, he would be left adrift in his ship. He has adapted to the Pirate’s life very easily and has proven to be invaluable to the Captain and crew for his shrewd and savvy negotiating skills. He leaves no money on the table and gets the best prices for the goods that the Valhalla “acquires”. TAKE WHAT YOU CAN, GIVE NOTHING BACK!