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Captain Black Charlie

Born and bred on the Irish shores of the Celtic Sea as his father pryor. 

His lineage believed to be from Dane/Viking Royalty.

Charles became an accomplished sailor at a young age. 

'Ee joined the English Merchant Marines at age 16 as a Jr Officer.

His exploits and heroics in battle resonated throughout England 

and when word of this young man reached 

the King Charles II, Lt. Black was promoted and granted commission of his own ship, 

the HMS Royal Oak. The Royal Oak enjoyed many victories and conquests 

while fighting the French, Spanish and Dutch in the New World.

However, Captain and Crew were betrayed by the Country they loved... No doubt some 

kind of 'Political' plot.  After all, his Friend and Mentor King Charles II 

suddenly and mysteriously passed on... was the New King, James II  

involved?  Scuttlebut had it that James did his ill-fated brother 

in to gain control of the Thrown.

Captain Charles W. Black, a close friends of the deceased, and

 having served the throne loyally for many years.  Now

because of this friendship, had been outlawed by the new King...  

Unjustly Wanted for Treason and Acts of Piracy.   

Captain Charles W. Black, however,  Embraced his new role as Pirate, and New Name (Capt Black Charlie), 

with the same Courage and Bravado he had taken of his First command.  As a man of Conscience and Honor, 

he gave leave to anyone who would not follow a pirate to disbar 

at the nearest port.   His new Home, Tortuga, was a 'Pirate Friendly'

 Island and there, he re-christened his ship the "Valhalla" Hence-forth becoming known 

as the "Scourge of the Carribean."

Revered and Feared from the Northern Colonies down to the West Indies, 

the Valhalla flies the RUDDY JACK ('er own ensign painted on a battered 

Kings Jack). However, she still occasionally flies the Blue or Red Ensign, 

flags revoked "er by the New English King. This li'l trick, does allow "her 

to get conveniently close to Merchant and other ships of choice. 

Once within the gunners' range, she will raise 'er own true colors!

A fierce fighter with renowned strength !

An Expert in Cutlass, Dagger, and Black Powder Weapons! 

An Ominous presence!

 Patient, however formidable when provoked!

The Fortitude and wisdom of a King himself 

Well loved and respected by is crew!

More than fair to any poor soul 'is ship may seize!

So if you see this Pirate Captain, and 'is crew of scallywags out and about, 

Tip your Hat, Raise your Tankard and Salute to a Pirate's Life for All!

Huzzah !

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