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Ships Smithy

 Italian born Diavolo immigrated 

to the Americas to seek his fortune. 

 In the end he mastered the art of smithing.  

He became known for his ability to forge formidable fighting 

weapons mainly swords, daggers and such.

After a hard day at the forge he found himself 

at the local pub, in his cups and quite loaded to the gunwales.  

He was pressganged by the British Navy and forced to work on the 

great warship, HMS Expedition-70 guns strong.

While sailing through the pirate round the war ship came 

upon a mighty sailing vessel, later to be discovered as the 

infamous pirate ship Valhalla.  A great battle ensued at which time the 

HMS Expedition was disabled and quickly boarded.  


 Diavolo was taken to the Valhalla, 

where he was presented

 to the Mighty Captain Charles Black.  

When given the choice to either have a 

date with the Provost or to go on account (turn pirate). 

 Diavolo quickly choose to pledge allegiance 

to Valhalla and her crew. 

Diavolo became the ships smithy forging many 

lethal weaponry for the Valhalla.  

He is also well versed in the use of the ships gunnery, 

pistols, swords and whips

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