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Gitana Barbarossa

Yeoman/ Gunner

Quarterdeck Gunner 

Gitana was born the daughter of the Moroccan political leader Mohammad Temin. 
She never fit in with the other girls of royalty , practicing the art 
of court etiquette and preparing themselves to be suited as a wife of a prince. 

Instead , Gitana would sneak off and learn the art of swordplay 
by the kings fierce soldiers the Black Guard and , 
she would be out and about belly dancing and carousing with the common folk. 

Gitana soon became tired of the upper class  and she booked passage 

on a heavily armed merchant ship to the Barbary Coast . 

The ship was soon captured and plundered by Ottoman pirates 

and Gitana was given the choice to either take away on the long boats into the sea 

or sign on. She signed onto the ships log as Gitana Barbarossa. 

Gitana learned gunnery and seamanship while plundering many ships 
with the Ottoman pirates. As time went on, she would find herself on
 an island off the northwest coast of Hispaniola that was said to 
be the most wicked pirate haven of the Caribbean... Tortuga. 

As time went on Gitana makes her living by dancing and carousing 
In local pubs where she meets captain Charles black of the Valhalla. 
She is intrigued and wants to join the Valhalla crew .
 Capt.Charles W. Black turns her down flat. Only to find that when 
he gets underway , she stows aboard. At first Capt Black is furious but In time 
finds that Gitana has superb knowledge in current trade routes and then proves herself In battle. 

When the Valhalla is In port Gitana uses her seductive belly dancing skills 
 to seduce merchants and learn what valuable cargo is coming In for the Valhalla to plunder. 

Gitana reacts to any dangerous situation before she assesses it. Her motto from her father 
"don't think-just do"And this is how Gitana always starts some trouble. 
And why the captain keeps Gitana fairly close.  
It's when she goes off on her own all hell breaks loose !!!

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