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Jean l'Marquis de Eglise

Navigator / Sailmaster

Navigator/ Sailmaster

Le Marquis' is a charming rogue ( who refers to himself in the 3rd person) 
was raised with the sword and the manners of a gentleman. Commissioned
 in the French Navy, He spent 15 years in the high seas honing his skills 
in ship handling, rigging and navigation.

One day Jean was tasked to deliver a captured British ship to the nearest 
French port, but instead led the crew into the Caribbean in search 
of plunder. He took many ships before falling into a British trap.

Outnumbered, the crew managed to escape but not save the vessel. 
Taking to the longboats, L'Marquis made his way to Tortuga. 
There he met Captain Charles W.Black . Taking a liking to Jean
 (and his personal charts) Black convinced him to sign 
aboard the Valhalla. Jean's vices are Women, Rum and Wild sea stories. However, 
his dark side emerges in his talent for the "extraction of information". 
L'Marquis seeming over-confidence covers his true skills

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