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Mr. Gibbs 



Gibbs hails from Ireland. His father abandoned the family when 

Gibbs was 5 years old. His mother remarried and Gibbs was raised by

 his step-father who was a sailor. When he came of age he decided to join

 the Royal Navy where he served as Quarter Master for over 20 years. 

When his ship was taken by Captain Black and his crew, he was offered the 

job as Quarter Master of the Valhalla, as the previous one had 

died in battle. Or, he would be left adrift in his ship. 

He has adapted to the Pirate’s life very easily and has proven to be invaluable to the 

Captain and crew for his shrewd and savvy negotiating skills. He leaves no money

 on the table and gets the best prices for the goods that the Valhalla “acquires”. 

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