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William “Lefty” Munch

Ships Cook

The son of a minor nobleman of little consequence, young Mister 

Munch sailed as a Midshipman aboard the barque HMS Endeavor. 

His travels in the South Seas under the legendary James Cook gave him ideas far above 

his station, but also earned him a Royal Commission as a Lieutenant in 

His Majesty’s Navy. Fate being the cruel mistress that she be, Lt. Munch was drummed out of the Navy 

when it were discovered that he was left-handed 

(a sure sign of devilry to the superstitious crew of his ship-of-the-line).

With a chip on his shoulder, a discharge marked ‘Sinister’ and new nickname to boot, 

no legitimate merchant Captain or warranted Privateer would sign 

“Lefty” Munch into service. Thus he turned to piracy, where no o

ne much cares in which hand you hold your sword, so long as you could swing true.

Lefty now serves aboard the Ship-of-Fortune Valhalla as the 

ship’s chief cook and steward—the only position offered him 

by the eminent Captain Black—where he is often ribbed (much to his chagrin) 

by the rest of the men for his fall from grace. Still, he keeps the bellies 

of the crew full and their tankards topped with rum (when there is any) 

and is offered in turn a hearty share of the spoils. Plus the added 

opportunity to find the Officers who blackened his name at the tip of his blade.

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