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Nipperkin Quinn

Ships Surgeon

With a Panamanian mother and Irish father Nipperkin Quinn was 

just bound to be feisty… 

and feisty she is. She spent her days tending to the cattle with her mother; 

landlocked on the family farm 

in central Panama, whilst her father was off at sea sailing on a merchant ship. 

She always had a longing to be on the water. Every time her father 

departed she would beg to take her with him.

At the age of 18 she would finally be going out to sea! 

There were not enough healthy crew members to sail and Nipperkin 

was brought along to tend to the sick and the cattle. Lucky for her that 

she was good at caring for animals and, well, people aren’t that much different right?

Flying under the English flag they set sail back to England. So she started a new 

life on the water working hard to keep the crew alive. They were over half 

way there when they were attacked, boarded, and taken hostage by pirates. 

She was caught taking care of a crew members injuries. This made her 

valuable and was forced into service on the Valhalla as ships surgeon.

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