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Mission Statement 

To present historical / theatrical entertainment to children and adults. 

We also aspire to help those who are struggling with social, 

emotional and medical difficulties through charities that are dedicated to these causes.

In addition, we provide our services to help other non-profit organizations

 and agencies raise funds for their endeavors.

 Our Goals  

To educate the public on the Golden Age of Piracy. 

The manner of dress, speech, common 

knowledge of skills, weapons, tools and ships crew 

organization during the years (1670-1730).

To teach the difference between Pirates, Privateers 

and Sailors as well as their impact on history.

 To employ entertainment and "living history" as another method of education 

(it is our belief that history can not only be interesting, but; 

also fun! (We feel that realistically portraying Pirates and Sailors

 who can physically "interact" with the public 

is a very effective way of teaching).