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Daniel Padraig O’Suilleabhain

Able Bodied Seaman

Sully was brought up by his father on the waters in 

and around Cork, Ireland. 

 He was an accomplished fisherman, and learned to read the 

tides and ocean like a book. 

 His father was killed by an English Naval commander, 

and Sully, himself, was hunted as well.

On the run, Sully decided to join the Jacobite movement, and while 

heading to Scotland with other recruits, the ship upon which he was 

travelling was sunk during a terrible storm.  Sully and a few other survivors were 

rescued by a pirate crew, captained by one Declan O’Malley.  

Sully sailed with Captain O’Malley for two years, learning everything there was to 

know on a ship, eventually, and reluctantly, taking over the captaincy for a 

short time after O’Malley’s demise.

Sully and his crew eventually met up with the Crew of the Valhalla,

 who took Sully on as a crewmember when his ship was destroyed by 

a terrible hurricane while being careened.  

Sully has remained ever vigilant about keeping his Jacobite leanings to himself, 

as Captain Black despised King James II, and blamed him for the demise 

of his naval career and eventual fall into piracy!  

What would happen if the Captain finds out?

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